Taking baby steps toward a more frugal lifestyle

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Week 1

I want to start documenting my frugal accomplishments, for both encouragement and tracking over time.  Here it goes!

This week I:

baked all of our bread – WW sandwich bread for toast, sourdough for dinner, and yeast rolls for sandwiches and rolls;

brought lunch to work every day;

ate dinner at home all week;

continued the process of using up what’s in our pantry and freezer;

made homemade yogurt for the first time from a friend’s starter. Delicious – will be added to my routine;

continued to go through our rooms to declutter and donate what we don’t actively use and/or have outgrown;

we need a new light fixture but have a perfectly functional one – DH is attempting to paint the old one;

cleaned the upstairs carpet – which I hate to do! – which will allow us to forego “real” carpet cleaning for at least a few more months.  white carpet + dog + kids + wintertime = yuck.  (carpet was here when we moved in)

A good week. 🙂