Taking baby steps toward a more frugal lifestyle

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Keep on Keeping on

My second week of tracking my steps – not as productive as week one, but I’m still on track and positive changes don’t come over night.

Bought lunch one day at work, but otherwise maintained my plan to bring breakfast/snacks/lunch to work

Made homemade granola!

DH painted and installed the older light fixture.  Looks great.  Total cost of $0 (had the paint already)

Using up what was in the fridge and trying to reduce waste.

Onto the next week!


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Week 1

I want to start documenting my frugal accomplishments, for both encouragement and tracking over time.  Here it goes!

This week I:

baked all of our bread – WW sandwich bread for toast, sourdough for dinner, and yeast rolls for sandwiches and rolls;

brought lunch to work every day;

ate dinner at home all week;

continued the process of using up what’s in our pantry and freezer;

made homemade yogurt for the first time from a friend’s starter. Delicious – will be added to my routine;

continued to go through our rooms to declutter and donate what we don’t actively use and/or have outgrown;

we need a new light fixture but have a perfectly functional one – DH is attempting to paint the old one;

cleaned the upstairs carpet – which I hate to do! – which will allow us to forego “real” carpet cleaning for at least a few more months.  white carpet + dog + kids + wintertime = yuck.  (carpet was here when we moved in)

A good week. 🙂